Aringay, then a part of Pangasinan, was created as a municipality in 1741. When the Province of La Union was founded in 1854, Aringay became a part of the new province. Aringay’s economy is primarily based on its agricultural production of rice, tobacco, and other root crops. The municipality also boasts of its milkfish, prawn and oyster culture.

Aringay is home of the Philippine National Police Regional Training Center, birthplace of revolutionary leader Diego Silang and the hometown of the Philippines’ first Ms. Universe, Gloria Diaz.

Municipality Profile

Income Class: Second Class Municipality
Land Area: 9,441.84 hectares
Population: 55,766
Barangays: 24


Population: 55,766
Growth Rate: 1.43
Population Density: 560/km2(1,500/sq. mi)
Major Languages/Dialects: Ilocano, Tagalog & Pangasinan
Religion: Roman Catholic

Development Finance

Revenue: Php 241,735,653.59
Expenditure: Php 135,407,903.62
Financial Institutions: 32

Development Security

Crime Rate: 12%

Contact Information

Address: Marcos Avenue, Aringay, 2503, La Union
Telephone No.: (072) 607 1986



One Town Own Product (OTOP)