Known for its hand-woven cloth called abel and blacksmithing (panday).

The municipality is famous for its loom-weaving industry which is highly-praised for its quality and much in demand here and even in abroad.

Loom weavers still uses manual traditional weaving techniques passed on from generation to generation using antique weaving equipment to weave their Inabel products.

Its agricultural products include rice, corn, sugar cane, peanuts, sweet potatoes, vegetables, and Virginia tobacco.

Municipality Profile

Income Class: Third Class Municipality
Land Area: 37.36 (14.42 sq. mi)
Population: 35,947 (2015 census)
Barangays: 33


Population: 35,947 (2015 census)
Growth Rate: 0.77%
Population Density: 110/ (300 sq. mi)
Major Languages/Dialects: Ilocano & Tagalog
Religion: Roman Catholic

Development Finance

Revenue: Php 311,472,179.83 million (156.7%)
Expenditure: Php 90,434,436.10 million (38.2%)
Financial Institutions: 12

Development Security

Crime Rate:

Contact Information

Address: Bangar (2519) La Union
Telephone: (072) 607-2088

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