Religion and nature are best expressed in its culture as culled from the town’s history. In the early years, Luna was known as “Namacpacan” an Ilocano word which means “one who had provided for food”.

Known as “Pebble beach of La union”

Municipality Profile

Income Class: Third Class Municipality
Land Area: 16.56 sq mi
Population: 35,802 (2015 CENSUS)
Barangays: 40


Population: 35,802 (2015 CENSUS)
Growth Rate: 0.23%
Population Density: 2,200/sq mi
Major Languages/Dialects: Ilocano and Tagalog
Religion: Roman Catholic

Development Finance

Revenue: Php 146, 299, 620.31 million (48.4%) (2018)
Expenditure: Php 85, 913, 977.13 million (41.9%) (2018)
Financial Institutions: 14

Development Security

Crime Rate:

Contact Information

Address: National Road, Luna, La Union (2518)
Telephone: (072) 710-0502

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