The name Pugo was derived from the word “Pogo”, an Ilocano word for quail, a kind of bird that inhabit the area by swarms in the early days. A fifth (5th) class municipality with a population of 19,898, Pugo is ideally situated in the uplands of the second district of La Union. It is bounded on the north by the municipality of Aringay; on the south by Sison Pangasinan; and on the west by the municipalities of Aringay and Rosario.

On a road trip to Baguio via Marcos Highway, one would find this quiet and scenic town. Bordered on the east by the municipality of Tuba, Benguet, the characteristics of a picturesque upland which lend beauty to this town are put into good use by investors. To date, there are two much talked-about resorts in the area; Kultura Splash Wave Resort and Pugo Adventure (Pugad) Resorts. Indeed, this town is full of possibilities.

Municipality Profile

Income Class: Fifth Class Municipality
Land Area: 9385.82 hectares
Population: 20,690 (2015 census)
Barangays: 14


Population: 20,690 (2015 census)
Growth Rate:
Population Density: 310/km2 (24.26 sq mi)
Major Languages/Dialects: Ilocano, Pangasinan and Tagalog
Religion: Roman Catholic

Development Finance

Revenue: Php 105, 919, 288.32 million (50.7%) (2018)
Expenditure: Php 53, 419, 965.96 million (11.8%) (2018)
Financial Institutions: 5

Development Security

Crime Rate:

Contact Information

Address: Barangay Poblacion East, Pugo, La Union (2508)
Mobile: 09175012397
Email: lgupugo@yahoo.com

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