There were two versions as to how Santol derived its name. The first version was that the municipality was once the favourite hunting ground for sculptors of religious images. In one of their hunts, they discovered a huge tree called Santol which eventually became their main material for their wood carvings. The second and more popular version came from the legend wherein women from the place presumed the Spanish soldiers passing by asked for the name of the fruits they were carrying for which one of the women answered, “Santol, Apo”, hence, the name of the place.

Municipality Profile

Income Class: Fourth Class Municipality
Land Area: 11,034.30 hectares
Population: 14, 794 (2015 census)
Barangays: 11


Population: 14, 794 (2015 census)
Growth Rate:
Population Density: 130/km2 (340/sq mi)
Major Languages/Dialects: Kankanaey, Ilocano, Tagalog

Development Finance

Revenue: Php 73, 598, 738.94 million (-65%) (2018)
Expenditure: Php 66, 092, 553.58 million (16%) (2018)
Financial Institutions: 5

Development Security

Crime Rate:

Contact Information

Address: Poblacion, Santol, La Union (2516)
Telephone: (072) 603-0154

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