Government Support and Incentives


Fiscal Incentives:

Basic Real Property Tax (RPT):

• Equivalent to 35% for three (3) years at the time of registration;
• Province share
• Provided that the enterprise that intend to expand after the three-year exemption period shall have an expansion amounting to be more than Php60M will receive a 10% discount from their RPT, which will not exceed for 5 years including the first three years of investment

Exemption from Taxes:

• Transfer Tax two (2) years, from the date of registration of the enterprise;
• Franchise Tax for Two (2) years;
• Amusement Tax for Three (3) years;
• Land Tax for fifteen (15) years for Commercial Tree Plantation; and
• Land Tax for ten (10) years for Fruit-Bearing Tree Plantation


• One-Stop Documentation Center for simplified documentation procedures;
• Assistance in securing local permits and licenses;
• Consistent support for industrial peace;
• Assistance in labor recruitment and arbitration;
• Assistance in securing a direct source of electric power, water supply, connection, and other public utilities;
• Facilitating service communications with local utilities;
• Assistance in identifying suitable business locations or factory;
• Assistance in the negotiation of special rates for industries with a minimum load of at least 1000 kilowatts;
• Assistance in selection and negotiation of a right of way;
• Facilitating access to financial and technical assistance programs of the government; and
• Joint venture market-matching