Bangar Sudipen Luna Balaoan Santol Bacnotan San Gabriel San Juan SFC Bagulin Burgos Naguilian Bauang Caba Aringay Agoo Tubao Pugo Sto. Tomas Rosario






Agriculture, Agre-Business & Fishery

  • Forestry
  • Feed Mill
  • Post-Harvest Facilities
  • Fruit/ Meat Processing
  • Exotic Fruits Production and Processing
  • Organic Fertilizer Production and Organic Crops
  • High Value Commercial Crops Production and Processing
  • Livestock and Poultry Production, Processing and Packaging
  • Expansion of Marine culture Projects/ Aquaculture

Tourism & Eco-Tourism
Leisure Flying (Skydiving)
Religious Tourism (Pilgrim Mountain Resort, Retreat Houses)
One-Stop Medical Tourism Center (coordination between hotels and hospitals)
Development of Tourism Spots in La Union such as Surfing in San Juan, Tapuakan River in Pugo, etc.
Establishment of Eco-Tourism Facilities/ Nature Parks/ Mountain Resorts/ Man-made Forests


Infrastructure & Property Development
Retirement Village with Complete Wellness Center
Accommodation Facilities
Concert Centers and Amusement Parks
Establishment of All-Weather Track Oval with Physical Fitness Center
Convention Center in La Union
Five-Star Hotels
Low-Cost Housing Projects
Parking Facilities
Mall Operators
Cold Storage Facilities
Development of Road Network Creating Alternate Routes Connecting Rural and Urban and Inter-Municipality
Upgrading of Drainage Facilities (drainage canals and road-widening)
Water Sources Development
Construction or Pipe-laying of Water Transmission and Distribution Pipelines
Water Distribution Upgrade or Expansion
Expansion of the Post-Harvest Facilities like Solar Dryer or Warehouse
Unique Upgrading of Existing Facilities


Ecological Waste Management
Septage Treatment Facility
Sewerage System and Water Treatment Facility and Waste Management Facility

Manufacturing Services
Light Sea Craft or Vessel-Manufacturing Facility
Steel Plant for Manufacturing Steel Rods or Bars

Other Services
Smart Security System to Protect Provincial Boundaries
Upgrading of Facilities for Centers of Excellence and Training in Research and Development