Why Invest in La Union

Strategic Location and Accessibility:

Plane Ride: 30 minutes from Manila
Bus Ride: 219 km from Manila
3.5 hours by land travel
Car ride: 2.5 hours

Adequate Infrastructure:

The Poro Point Special Economic & Freeport Zone, former Wallace Air Station, is a premiere economic growth center in Northern Luzon. It is fully equipped with adequate infrastructure such as industrial port, seaport, and airport facilities making it an ultimate investment destination. La Union boasts of well-maintained roads, abundant supply of water and power, highly developed communication facilities, and presence of sufficient print and broadcast media.

Airport: 1
Seaport: 1
Road Network: 2,566.1927km
Length of Bridges: 13,433.64LM
Power: 100 Barangays Energized

Peace and Order:

La Union is proud to have held its record as one of the healthiest, cleanest, greenest and most peaceful provinces in the country.
Crime Rate: 22.10
*source: LUPPO 2019*

Skilled Manpower:

Primary: 433
Secondary: 160
Higher Education: 24
Literacy Rate: 99.15%
Employment Rate: 90.48%
Labor Force Participation Rate: 65.63%

Investment Priority Areas:

Agriculture and Fishery
Infrastructure and Services and Alternative Energies
Business Process Outsourcing and Information Communication Technology